Help 4 Kids

We are a 501(c)(3) N Organization.

Help 4 Kids is an all volunteer organization started in 1989 to help children with school needs so they can walk in the classroom with head held high and be the same as their peers.

Back Pack Buddies furnishes weekend food bags to children who might be at risk of going hungry when school is out.

11 thoughts on “Help 4 Kids

  1. My daughter goes to River Oaks Elementary, i would like to sigh her up for the backpack buddies. Also i really need some help for Christmas. I have three children last year i met the lady and she didnt have my stuff so my kids had no Christmas. It was very sad. So could you please help me this year.

  2. Yes my name is teshia my sons name is Devlin he will be in first grade at burgess elementary my husband had heart surgery and hasn’t worked in months I am newer to area a person called and told me about. Backpack buddies was hoping I could get some help I don’t know how to contact you but hope this works thank you

  3. I jonathan sanders need help with clothes and school stuff my son is going to Burgess Elementary school he’s so glade. This will be his first year of school.

  4. Hi , please have barb email me regaurding my son !!! We are in need of Christmas presents for nate & have moved to a different address , or can call 912)230-8477. Thank you very much & merry Christmas

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